Wednesday 21 April 2010

Scale Layered Cake ( Kek Lapis Sisik Ikan ).AlongRoz

10 Egg yolk*
2 Egg white*
250g Castor Sugar*
1 tbsp Ovalette*
75ml chilled Water*
3/4 can Serikaya* (1 can is 300g)
160g Horlicks*
250g Hong Kong flour
300g Butter
4 tbs Condensed Milk
4 packet of Haw Flakes

1. Place all ingredients marked* in a mixer bowl & beat with high speed until fluffy & thick. (Tips: The bowl need to be big enough to handle the volume which get doubled up)
Fold in flour gradually until well mixed.

2. In a separate bowl, beat butter & condensed milk until white & fluffy.
Combine into the earlier mixture.

3. Grease & line 8 inch square tin.
Spread about 2 big scoop into the tin & grill until the top is evenly brown.
Take the tin out from oven and press surface with cake presser to ensure even layer.
Repeat for second layer.
Arrange haw flake by inserting through the two layers at 45 degrees angle.
Repeat the above process until all batter is used up.

4. For all layered cakes, I always bake the cake at 180C for 30 minutes as the last step to ensure that the cake is properly cooked through.

For those interested in making layered cake are welcome to ask questions. Just post your questions in the "comments" tab at the bottom of this recipe


blu4sky said...

salam jo,

lama tak update blog :D
nak tanya klu xde condensed milk bley ganti dgn cream sweatener tak..?? condensed milk susah nak cari kat mesia..

baincardin said...

Jom layan E Series...(tgh berangan nih..hehe) ^_^'

Patyskitchen - Exploring Global Flavor Around The World said...

Salam ziarah, baru bertandang. sedap resipi kat cni.

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Thanks a lot for this receipt, I'm gonna surely bake this cake this weekend

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